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Meet our delightful pikachu friend, Pikamochi.

In Sahachan world, amidst lush meadows and sparkling streams, lives Pikamochi, the cuddly artisan Pikachu. Pikamochi is no ordinary Pikachu – adorned in vibrant yellow fur, resembling the softness of freshly made mochi, and rosy cheeks that blush like a setting sun.

With a mischievous sparkle in its eyes and a heart filled with the joy of crafting, Pikamochi spends its days merrily sculpting mini masterpieces out of felted dreams. The magic in Pikamochi’s paws brings the tiny creations to life, allowing them to dance and play around, spreading giggles and laughter wherever they go.

Take Pikamochi home, and let its crafty charm and giggles brighten your days!